Coral Fish Hawaii sells primarily marine fish found in Hawaii, the Philippines, Marshall Islands and Xmas Island. We hold the fish approximately 3-7 days, and export them worldwide. Currently we ship to U.S Mainland, Australia, Canada and Asia.

All of our fish are completely acclimated and can withstand shipments of 36-48 hrs with minimal causalities.

Although we do not ship to individual hobbyists, we do, however, welcome orders from retailers and distributors throughout the world. We are the oldest marine fish wholesaler in Hawaii being in business for over 49 years.

If interested, please email us your company name, contact name and number, current business license and whether you do business as a retailer or distributor. Once received, we will forward our current price list.

If unable to email, Please fax info to 808-487-1167.

Company Name:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone Number:


Please email Business License to :


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