Mission Statement

To promote environmentally responsible marine aquarium keeping as an entertaining, educational, and worthwhile leisure time activity.

Our Pledge

Coral Fish Hawaii guarantee’s that all the fish in our facility have been net-caught using no chemicals, drugs or dynamite.

All of our licensed collectors have been certified by us to harvest fish in both ecological and sustainable sound practices. They are all regulated by the DLNR and are required to abide by all environmental laws.

All Fishing areas are rotated to allow future recruitment and replenishment.

Damaged or unsellable hawaiian fish are returned to the ocean. Damaged exotic fish, by law are not allowed to be released, so are humanly disposed of.

Our Goals

  • To raise public awareness of the industry’s role in marine conservation

  • To provide up-to-date information on proper animal care

  • To ensure the health and quality of marine life through responsible handling and husbandry practices

  • To encourage responsible husbandry through education and training

  • To support supply of captive bred marine organisms as an alternative source of marine life in aquariums

Our History

Coral Fish Hawaii,Inc was established in 1960 under the name “Marine Tropical’s of Hawaii” the first saltwater wholesaler in Hawaii. Since its early days, from a small 200 sq. ft. shop on Lagoon Drive, Coral Fish has grown to its present 7000 sq ft warehouse on Moanalua Rd in Aiea.

Entering the retail trade in 1985, Coral Fish is now considered the largest and oldest aquarium store in the state with approximately 7000 gal of marine fish and 1500 gal of freshwater fish. Shipments of marine fish from Christmas Islands, Marshall Islands and the Philippines arrive weekly where they are then acclimated, conditioned and then sent off to destinations within the “mainland” United States, Australia, Europe and Asia. This unique arrangement allows our local customers maximum exposure to a vast variety of fish. At the same time, it allows our wholesale customers an unbeatable combination of both quality and variety in our marine fish,

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